Two University Accreditations—Internationally Recognized—Master’s Level Credits—Externally Moderated. Earn three Master's credits from Fairmont State University. USA.

Vantage TEFL Certification is a 4 week, 120-hour, In-class course with 6 hours of observed teaching practice in Bangkok, Thailand.

Our TEFL program is also validated and accredited by the European Global School, Paris. EGS is accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, colleges, and Universities (ASIC), an educational accreditation agency recognized by the British Government's Home Office and UK Border Agency.

Completion of our TEFL course can now be used to waive 25% of the credits towards a Master's degree in Education from EGS.

Every Vantage TEFL course is independently moderated by TEFL experts.

Our TEFL Certification courses and our comprehensive job coaching and career support, as well as visa arrival assistance in Bangkok, makes Vantage Thailand’s one-stop teacher training destination.

Authorized Cambridge English Test Centre. We have experience in delivering world-class exams to Thai schools, universities as well as executive testing for our corporate clients.
The TEFL Silk Road—Teacher Training with a Guaranteed Job (with a rebate of US$750)
Corporate Training Provider: Vantage is a Bangkok leader in business English and management services training.
Creation of eLearning Materials: We create our own interactive exercises that complement our “blended learning” course.
Developer of Customized Courses:Vantage creates tailor-made courses that address the particular training objectives of our client institutions.

Bangkok-based Vantage was established in 2007 and is Thailand’s highest rated TEFL program. We offer a 120-hour, In-Class TEFL course, with 6 hours of observed teaching practices.Our teacher training certification course covers five key areas of training: language awareness, teaching techniques, foreign language experience, a materials project and the development of a student profile.Vantage has two university accreditations…internationally recognized…with Masters bearing credits. Each course is externally moderated.Our American accreditation is from Fairmont State University. Vantage graduates earn 3 Masters level credits. We are also accredited by the European Global School—Paris. You can waive 25% of the requirements for a Master of Arts in Education by completing Vantage’s TEFL program.We provide expert job support. We’ll craft your own Power Resume—resumes that make an impact in the six seconds many hiring authorities spend reading them. We’ll coach you on interviewing techniques, how to handle objections, giving demo lessons and job searching strategies.Vantage is unique in that it has two footprints in Asia. We’re Thai-based and we have a large network of Thai schools, universities and corporate clients. In our TEFL Silk Road program, we also have a guaranteed job in China though our partner institute that has 70+ schools in 14 cities. You can earn a US$750 rebate on your TEFL tuition.We also offer a 120-hour Combined Course, which blends online curriculum study with the observed practices of live classroom teaching of non-English speaking students.Vantage graduates are successfully teaching English across Thailand and throughout the world.

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  • Combined TEFL Courses, On-site TEFL Courses
  • Just Text What's Up
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  • Standard (120-140 hours)
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