Our CELTA Courses

Our four week intensive CELTA course is designed to prepare participants to become English language teachers.  The Cambridge CELTA is one of only two qualifications recognized by the British Council. This means it has maximum acceptance worldwide.  We run courses throughout the year in central Barcelona.  Our friendly school in Barcelona has everything you’d expect from a modern teacher training centre, an extensive library and a large garden, and is centrally-located, next to Passeig de Gracia.

The CELTA course is highly practical and includes supervised teaching practice and feedback with real students in our language centre from the first week.  Input sessions and workshops center on such areas as language awareness, lesson planning materials and methodology.  Take advantage of our careers, visa and accommodation service and join our community of teachers, trainers and graduates!

Our Trinity CertTESOL and DipTESOL Courses

  • Minimum 7 hours teaching practice (6 hours observed)
  • Dynamic workshops and input sessions
  • Visa and careers support – before, during and after the course
  • A prestigious, internationally recognized qualification (CELTA equivalent)
  • A positive, dynamic and supportive learning environment
  • World-class, experienced tutors
  • Small groups and friendly atmosphere
  • Free 20-hour introduction course

Our Trinity-accredited TEFL Certificate course is for people who want an internationally-recognized qualification and an up-to-date and practical course of teacher training. The course runs all year round and prices start from just €1200. Choose from London, Malaga, Cadiz or Kerala (India).

What can I expect?

Introduction course

Once enrolled in the course we will give you access our course introduction task which is designed to raise your awareness of teaching methodology, grammar and phonology of English. The task is completed online and will take around 15-20 hours.

Teaching Methodologies

You will learn a variety of teaching methodologies to use with your students during the course and after you graduate. We provide workshops, tutorials and video content as well as reading materials to help you understand and use these techniques.

Teaching Practice

The practical nature of the course is emphasized from the very beginning. You will be in small groups (3 or 4 trainees with one tutor) and you will begin teaching real adult students in the first week. After each class you teach, there will be a feedback session with your tutor and fellow trainees. For our trainees, this is usually the most fun part of the course!

Grammar and Language Awareness

We believe in learning through involvement and in your grammar and language awareness sessions you will mostly experience a workshop approach, where your tutor acts as a “facilitator/animator” rather than as a lecturer.

Observations of Experienced teachers

You will also observe some of our tutors so that you can see first-hand how experienced teachers plan and deliver classes, providing further insights into lesson planning, staging and management.

Class Materials and Technologies

All of our classrooms are equipped with modern technology and we encourage the use of Youtube, interactive online teaching platforms (kahoot, quizlet etc) and social media alongside the use of books and other more traditional activities. The school has a wide variety of resources available to you to use to help create engaging classes for your students.

One-to-one Lesson Preparation

One-to-one classes are in high demand and during the course you will complete a needs analysis, prepare a lesson and then teach a one-hour class to a single student. After this, you will write a journal where you will reflect and evaluate the success of your classes.

Learn an Unknown Language

During the TEFL Certificate course, you will participate in four language lessons in a language you have no prior experience of, taught completely in the language itself without recourse to English. This helps you put yourself in the position of a low level learner of English and to experience communicative language teaching at first hand. Languages taught on past courses have included Greek, Hindi, Swedish, Welsh, Romanian and Japanese. These sessions are challenging but fun!

Preparation for finding work

Our careers advisor will provide a session on finding work after your course and you will be given expert advice on preparing your CV which highlights your background, education, experience and skills. You will be able to meet our careers advisor as many times as you like during and after the course. See our careers service page for more information.

You are assessed in the following ways:

  • Teaching Practice Journal
  • Unknown Language Journal
  • Learner profile assignment
  • Materials assignment
  • 60-minute language awareness exam at the end of your course

For more information about assessments during the course..

Download the CertTESOL syllabus

It is not necessary to have a degree, to be a native speaker of English, to be able to speak a foreign language, or to have any previous teaching experience. To be considered for this course, you will need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be motivated to teach
  • Demonstrate your ability to cope with the academic demands of the course eg. a university degree (in progress or finished) or work experience.
  • Have at least a C1 level of English (advanced). Your level of English will be measured via the interview process and a short written task.
  • Have good enough health to deal with the demands of an intensive course of training, travel and working abroad.


Company Details
Course Type(s)
  • Combined TEFL Courses, Online TEFL Courses, On-site TEFL Courses
  • Just Text What's Up
Course Length(s)
  • Standard (120-140 hours), Long Courses (150+ hours)
Certificate Type(s)
  • Trinity CertTESOL, Cambridge CELTA, Trinity DipTESOL
Specialist Course(s)
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), Professional Development, Teaching Business English (BE), Teaching Exam Preparation, Teaching Young Learners (YL)