Let’s TEFL was founded by a team of English teachers and recruiters with over 10 years of experience teaching all over the world.Using our experience, we set out to create the ultimate accredited online TEFL course, which gives everything you could need in one simple package.Here’s how we created our Ultimate 120-Hour TEFL Course:The right training:
We took a fresh look at the modern ESL environment, and based our course on 5 key areas:-Introduction to teaching
-Content for classes
-Teaching skills
-Preparing for lessons
-Managing studentsWith this training, a mobile-friendly course, and accreditation by WTEFLAC, you’ll learn all the essential skills and knowledge with ease.The right length:
From our experience teaching overseas, we believe any course under 120-hours in length can’t provide enough training for new teachers. Similarly, online courses lasting for hundreds of hours fail to truly provide additional value. That’s why we created ONE single option – a concise and complete 120-hour course with all you could need.The right support:
All our course graduates get FREE access to our job placement service + FREE access to our job training course to help you land great, high paid jobs overseas.

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  • Standard (120-140 hours)
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