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The Language House TEFL comes highly recommended by graduates of the course. The American owned company is one of the oldest TEFL training centers in Prague and has a great reputation in Prague and worldwide. What sets The Language House TEFL apart from other TEFL courses is the amount of actual hands on teaching practice offered (nearly twice the average) and their supportive graduate community/post course support. The Language House TEFL is not just a training center, but a network of staff and graduates in Prague and abroad who help and support each other years after graduation. When you sign up for The Language House TEFL, you are not just getting a TEFL certificate, you are entering into a supportive community of experienced teachers. This support includes making friends abroad, finding jobs, support with accommodation and a host of other things.The Language House TEFL is one of the most popular TEFL/CELTA courses in Prague and their courses can fill up months in advance. They have a stellar track record of finding their graduates employment in Prague and worldwide post course and their assistance is lifelong. If you are interested at all in teaching abroad, but don’t know where to start, contact us and we will help you.

Course Overview

Four-week, 130-hour accredited and externally monitored TEFL/TESOL course – get TEFL certified, get a job, get ready for an experience of a lifetime.

• The TEFL Course
• Teacher Mentor Program
• Requirements
• Grades
• Final Summary

The TEFL / TESOL Course

The International TEFL/TESOL course offered at The Language House TEFL will give you the training as well as the qualifications you need to enter into the world of English language teaching. A TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) has become a necessary qualification for all teachers who wish to teach English as a foreign language. Whether you are a first-time teacher or an experienced teacher in other subjects, the TEFL certificate will provide you with the necessary skills to manage a productive classroom.

The course will teach you the most current methodology and techniques of English teaching, give you many hours of teaching practice, assist you in finding employment in Prague or worldwide and introduce you to a network of lifelong friends and contacts. For those wishing to pursue a long-term career in the ELT field, the course serves as an excellent foundation for a Master’s degree in TESOL/TEFL or applied linguistics, as well as careers in teacher training and school management.

Teacher Mentor Program (TMP)

This program is unique to The Language House TEFL and was created specifically by teachers to ease the transition from being a trainee to a full-time English teacher. The most stressful, demanding, and important time in your teaching career is during the first two to four weeks of real teaching. Most teachers make the majority of their mistakes during this time period. New teachers are simply not used to teaching different classes at different times and at different places.

A second problem is simply a matter of experience. Everything learned in the course will take time before it sinks in and becomes instinctual. This is true for all methodology and grammar. The problem is that you will have the same students for a period of five months to a few years. With practice students, they almost expect you to make mistakes and are not upset when they happen. Real students who have paid a considerable amount of money for private lessons may not be as forgiving.

Trainees who request the teacher mentor program will be given an experienced teacher who will act as their consultant. This includes, but is not limited to, help with grammar, lesson planning, directions to client offices, trouble areas, teaching techniques, as well as finding and exploiting resources. The Teacher Mentor Program begins when you actually start working and lasts for four weeks. No matter what school the teacher decides to work for, all teachers remain eligible as long as they are teaching in Prague.

The cost of the teacher mentor program is an additional 350 USD. The TMP is optional. If a trainee signs up for the TMP, they can at any time change their mind during the TEFL course or afterward and receive 100% of their money back.


The course requires that applicants have University-level reading and writing skills. We also recommend that applicants have University level schooling and have a (BA/BFA) diploma. If you do not have BA, do not worry. Jobs are readily available in Prague without university degrees. We recommend going over this with you though since many countries do require university degrees and we want our graduates to have as many career opportunities around the world as possible. The majority of TEFL students range from age 22 to 35, however there is no age limit and it is not uncommon for people beyond their 50’s, who are looking to try something new, to take the course.

If you are not a native speaker, you must be fluent in English. It is required that all applicants submit the application form on this site (it can be emailed) and, if you are not a native speaker, have an interview with our director of studies in Prague or one of our other recruiters. If you are located in Prague, you can opt to have the interview in person. For other candidates, the interview will be over the phone. Unfortunately, it can be hard for some nationalities to receive either a tourist or long-term visa for Prague. Contact us first if you require a tourist visa to enter into the Czech Republic.

Final Summary

This course is a very intense, dynamic and demanding 4 weeks. The benefits are that you enter into the teaching market with more training and classroom experience potentially than if you had studied elsewhere. The more skill you have in the classroom, the more rewarding and easy the job becomes. If you are a person that welcomes challenges, we are the right course for you.


Grades for the class are evaluated based on teaching performance, completion of exercises, attendance, professionalism, growth, participation, teacher-trainer observations, student evaluations, and the grammar exam.

The criteria for the grades are listed below:

Teaching performance. The level and effectiveness of how you teach. Emphasis on using TEFL methodology as well as creativity. Marks are also based on lesson planning.

Completion of exercises. Involves completing all homework/workshop assignments correctly and on time.

Professionalism. Trainees are required to dress and act in a professional manner. While practice teaching trainees are required to wear nice clothes (collared shirts, no tennis shoes). Trainees are also graded on their general attitude during the program. Of course, if a student has a problem or a complaint about the course, this will not effect their grade.

Growth. Students are also graded on their growth as teachers. This includes confidence, understanding of teaching concepts, and overcoming initial problems with teaching.

Participation. Students are required to participate and be active during course discussions and workshops.

Teacher-trainer observations. You are required to attend at least one observation a week along with thoughtfully completing an observation sheet.

Student evaluations. Trainees are graded on how well their practice students thought they did and whether they would take a course with them as the teacher.

Grammar test. All trainees must score at least an 80% on a grammar test that is given during the last week of the course. If a student fails the test, they will have two more chances to get a successful pass. Assistance will be given to any student who is worried about the test or needs extra help.

Attendance. The Language House TEFL is very sympathetic with the stress, fatigue, and unexpected problems that can arise while living in a foreign country and how these factors affect attendance. However, the course is very demanding and student teachers will inevitably fall behind if workshops or other activities are missed. Student teachers are required to attend all classes. Student teachers who miss over 20% of the course without the consent of the head teacher trainer, course manager, or the director of the school, will receive an immediate fail for the course. The rule being that a student teacher who cannot attend his or her own teacher training course will probably not be able to attend his or her own work. All missed class activities must be made up by the trainee before any certificates are given. If a student trainee simply fails to show up for classes without giving any notice at all, it could result in an automatic fail. If you are sick, or cannot attend a class, it is mandatory that you let us know in advance.

At the end of each week, student teachers are evaluated on each of the above categories. At the end of the month, all observers and trainers meet together and evaluate trainees for the whole month. Final grades and evaluations are given in addition to the certificates. Since The Language House TEFL is externally monitored and accredited, the actual certificates will be from IATQuO.

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