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  • Kimberly Ann Weaver
    June 30, 2021 at 9:40 pm

    I Want to bring this to everyone’s Attention:
    The Tesol certification this online Global Leadership College offers does not provide a certificate number. Without this Certificate Number, you will be unable to apply for many online teaching positions. For example, China now put into law all online schools need to request this Tesol Certification Number.
    Without the Certificate number you cannot complete your application, because this is how that can be verify you have a “real” Tesol Certificate. I have inquired with Global Leadership College Personal,
    and they have made it clear “they do not give Certificate Numbers”.
    I have investigated the matter and what I’ve read is if a College/School program does not offer this Certificate number on your Tesol certificate, it’s not legitimate.
    Make sure before you pay for any classes for a Tesol, ask about this important fact.
    It will be exceedingly difficult to apply for a teaching position.
    Can your TEFL/TESOL certification be easily verified by employers?
    Having a certificate in-hand to offer employers is impressive, but how much information can employers verify? Ideally, the TEFL provider you choose should provide graduates with access to their certificate via an online certificate verification portal that makes it easy to share TEFL credentials with schools.

    Note: Better Business Bureau Claim
    Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service 04/06/2019

    Status: Answered
    “They claim to offer courses such as TESOLS and other business related courses that are accredited. Im 2013 I paid for and completed a 150hr TESOL course and paid extra $20 usd to have a digital copy emailed to me. I have been in China teaching and since now my new job requires my TESOL certificate to be legalized by the Canadian Government and Chinese Embassy; Global Affairs Canada has informed me they can not authenticate the Certificate because this online ‘school? has no accreditation; deeming it useless. Now I have to jeopardize my visa and new job by completing a new course.”
    Global Leadership College Response
    We explained to this student that there are many institutions that recognize different schools, and it wasn’t necessarily the one that she was looking for. We refunded the money she paid to receive the certificate.

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