Headquartered in Chicago IL, USA, International TEFL Academy is a worldwide leader in TEFL certification for teaching English abroad. We certify 3,500 people a year to teach English overseas and our graduates teach professionally in 80 countries. International TEFL Academy is fanatical about two things:1) Providing the highest quality TEFL teacher training through accredited TEFL classes in either:
– 4-week intensive in-person courses in 25 locations worldwide.
– Or state-of-the-art 11-week part time online classes, with a 20-hour practicum included. 2) All of our students receive lifetime job search guidance and access to a full array of alumni services and networking opportunities. All of our employees have worked and traveled abroad extensively, so we “get it,” and we are passionate about enabling you to experience a great international adventure as well.

Course Type(s)
  • Online TEFL Courses, On-site TEFL Courses
  • Just Text What's Up
Course Length(s)
  • Standard (120-140 hours), Long Courses (150+ hours)
Certificate Type(s)